Are Crocs Allowed in Schools? The Answer May Surprise You.

Sometimes it seems that Crocs have taken over the world. When take a stroll in the park or mall, it seems that every other person seem to be wearing them. Even Jack Nicholson wears them! So now you and your family can be like your favorite Hollywood actors when you wear your pairs. If you have children, one big question should be in your mind: are Crocs allowed in schools? Some schools are stricter than others.

Unfortunately for fans of the brand, the answer is that many schools have banned Crocs. Sometimes it’s for dress code, other times it’s for safety reasons. This is only in some schools, so you should double-check with the one your child attends. Sometimes they’re permitted for areas except the playground. You can have your child bring an extra pair of shoes for these situations.

Because of this, if you’re on a budget, in might be best to purchase a different type of shoe. Crocs are very durable but the fact that they might be banned means you’ll need an alternative shoe. Sometimes it’s best to just have one pair.

Started in Malls

The vast majority of clothing doesn’t cause alarm. So it makes a splash when a brand starts getting banned. Often, brand fans will complain but administrators will persist.

The Croc bans started on the escalators of suburban malls. Safety experts were noticing that Crocs could get caught in machinery. This is quite a scary prospect. Some malls put up signs warning visitors of the danger. Fortunately, there is a quick and easy alternative. Mall visitors could simply just take the stairs.

The Croc crackdown has continued into other areas. You might have noticed several years ago when Crocs were popular in hospitals. Medical staff, including many nurses, loved Crocs because they were very comfortable and easily washable. All of a sudden, they started disappearing. It turned out many hospital groups were banning Crocs. This included the gigantic National Health Service, or NHS, of the UK.

So Crocs are no stranger to controversy. Their revolutionary design has won many industry accolades. However, it has also gotten them in trouble with some safety experts.

First malls, then hospitals. What about schools?

Stricter Dress Codes

Dress codes might seem old-fashioned. Even in fancy restaurants these days, you see people in attire like T-shirts. While some might bemoan that the old days were better and people had class, times have changed. Some schools have not. These tend to be private schools but some public education institutions have also enforced clothing regulations. Some are old-fashioned. Some feel that if the environment is too casual, the kids will not take their work seriously.

Typically, this is for clothing. For example, men might be required to wear a jacket and tie while women have to wear skirts. Sometimes there’s a uniform. In some schools, there’s a dress code for footwear as well. Sometimes closed toe and closed heel shoes are required. Footwear like sandals and flip flops won’t pass. Neither will Crocs. That might be a bummer in hot summer weather. But in school, the administrator’s word stands. If your feet sweat a lot, you might want to look into specially designed shoes. You can also put on anti perspiration materials.


There’s also the safety element. Crocs can get caught on monkey bars and cause falls. Other types of playground equipment might be hazardous as well. There could be an issue in events like a fire emergency. Safety is always number one and thus school administrators don’t like Crocs. Some have even taken to banning them.

Of course, not all Crocs are the same. Some have heels and toes. This makes them safe to use on the playground. If your school has a ban, you can see if they’ll make an exception for your special Crocs.

If Crocs are allowed in your child’s school and your kid would like to wear them, it’s imperative that you buy the right size. Proper fitting shoes is important for safety. If they’re too small, the Crocs will be painful to wear. If they’re too loose, they’ll be bulky. Your kid might trip.

To be honest, when it comes to safety, sneakers are the better choice. Perhaps you can have a main pair of sneakers that your kid always uses. Perhaps they can wear crocs on special days that have especially nice weather.

Kids love Crocs

This is all unfortunate as kids in general love Crocs. They do have many benefits that make them kid-friendly.

Crocs in many ways are better than flip flops, sandals or bare feet. They provide arch support and cushioning. The holes in the shoe allow air to flow in and humidity from sweat to live the shoe. Antimicrobial properties help fight against infections.

They’re also anti-slip. Your kid is in much less danger from slipping and falling from a puddle or oil spill. While this means less as they’re obviously not working in a restaurant kitchen or hospital, it’s a definite plus.

Kids love that Crocs have no shoe-laces. No more tripping on shoelaces nor having to to tie them. Until they get to a certain age and proficiency, kids just hate shoe laces. Crocs are just an easy slip-on. Putting one on or taking one off just takes two seconds.

They also have a “cool” factor. Since other kids are wearing it, your kids will want to wear it too. This will encourage other kids to wear it and the system repeats itself.


Beware of weather issues. Most crocs have holes at the top of the shoe. So if it’s raining, your kids socks and feet are going to get wet. Your kid might also step in a puddle.

Crocs really aren’t made for the winter. They won’t hold up well in the ice and snow. Choose a different type of shoe for wintery weather.

Crocs are wonderful footwear. However, some institutions are banning them. This includes some schools. Unfortunately, kids love crocs so hopefully your school is fine with them.