Are sneakers running shoes? 5 Things to Consider Before Running

Are sneakers running shoes?

are sneakers running shoes? here are some thoughts

Running is an extremely popular fitness activity, and for good reason. It offers plenty of physical and mental health benefits. Millions of people go for a daily run in the morning or after work. As with all types of exercise, you should consider if you have the proper equipment. Many people don’t have a specially designed pair of running shoes though. Are sneakers running shoes?

No, running shoes are specific type of sneaker. However, some types of sneakers you can run in but there are lots of factors. In some cases, you can use non-running sneakers to go for a run. Let’s get in to them.

The Basics

It’s very important to know the science of walking versus running. Running is an intense physical activity that stresses out the body. You impact the ground at about three times of your body weight. On the other hand, when you walk you only impact at 1.5 times your weight. Think about it: it’s twice as much pressure on all your joints, muscles and bones. Especially over an extended period of time, you can get injured. Many of these injuries can last for weeks if not months, which will destroy your fitness routine and provide constant pain. It’s important to be careful.

Running shoes are specially designed for running. They’re also light and provide comfort. They provide the design to help cushion the impact for the heels, feet and lower legs.

When people strive to exercise, they usually go for high intensity. The wrong type of shoes are a frequent cause of injury. If safety is a huge concern of yours, go with running shoes. They’ll last a long time if you take care of them, so there is a definite return on investment.

However, what about if you want to run in other types of sneakers?

There are other considerations.

What type of sneakers?

There is a tremendous variety in the type of sneakers. Running a 5k in fashion sneakers like your Chuck Taylors would be a bad move. It could easily lead to injury and cause blisters on your feet. You won’t be able to go your top speed or get your best time. On the other hand, many types of basketball sneakers make decent runners. Use your best judgement. Are they designed for another sport or intense physical activity? Or are they just designed to look good in the night club?

Test it out

Go for a short light jog in them. Then gradually build up intensity in both speed and duration. Be careful about sprinting or long distances as you’re more prone to injury in them. If you feel any muscle or joint in your body feeling strain you should reconsider. Likewise, irritation on your skin could lead to blisters if you continue.

What type of run?

When people say they’re going for a run, it could mean anything from sprinting, to a 10 mile mini-marathon, to a light jog around the block. Based on length and intensity, there is tremendous variety in the the amount of stress it puts on your feet. You could start with your old basketball sneakers and then move up to a pair of running shoes once you need them.

You might be able to use non-running sneakers to go for a light short jog on a trail, but not a mini-marathon or sprinting. Use your best judgement.

If you have swollen feet, you need other type of footwear and you shouldn’t run.

For Best Performance, Get Running Shoes

As we mentioned, you can run in your basketball shoes. However, they’re designed to provide cushioning for hardwood floors. They’re clunkier and heavier and their design will slow you down.

Some people are competitive about their running times. Either they’ll constantly try to beat their PR (personal record) when they run alone or they’ll enter timed races with often hundreds of other people. These races usually have entrance fees, making buying a pair of running shoes make more sense.

If you want your best times you’ll want shoes specifically designed for running. You’ll notice the difference as soon as you put on a pair.

Worn Out

Shoes eventually get worn out. To prevent injury, you should replace them. For example, running sneakers last 300 to 500 miles. If you run a 5k (3 miles) as a regular work out, that could mean 6 months or less. Other types of sneakers won’t last as long.

It’s important to regularly buy new sneakers. Old shoes don’t provide as much cushioning and support. Some of them will have tears.

If your favorite old sneakers are really worn out, it might be a good choice not to run with them at all.

If you’re interested in the details of what’ makes running shoes special.

Heel Heighs

Running shoes typically have a built up heel, which provides runners the stability they need. Different runners hit the ground with different parts of the feet. They need superior heels to give them the upward push for the next step.

On the other hand, many sneakers are flat because walkers can touch down with the whole foot.

Flare up

Some running shoe designs are flared up. This provides more safety to prevent injury. It’s also more comfortable. On the other hand, many other types of sneakers have an undercut design.


Many running shoe designs are designed to to flex from the arch to mid foot. After all, many runners hit the ground with toes first.

Are sneakers running shoes? While the answer is no, you can still go for a run in some types of sneakers. Avoid fashion sneakers like Chuck Taylors. Go for light jogs that are short. And if safety is a big concern, definitely go buy a pair of running shoes.