Best Sandals for High Arches Guide (Top Rated)

Best Sandals for High Arches

For those living in northern areas, sandal season is right around the corner. No more dealing with uncomfortable and sweaty socks. Walking around with your feet aerated is truly a great feeling. Things get a little bit more complicated if your feet have a different shape than the majority. This is especially true if you have high arches. According to the Cleveland Clinic, high arches can be caused by genetics or a number of factors. Finding the best sandals for high archives is important.

If you don’t buy a specially-designed pair of sandals, you’ll get painful blisters more often. Rolled ankles will occur more often and you might trip more frequently, which can be dangerous. A lack of support is a major issue.

You might be concerned that a specially-designed sandal will be clunky and ugly. Don’t worry, it offers style without the pain. You won’t have to worry as much about collapsed archers or plantar fasciitis.

The sandal designs implement a few customizations to help people with a high arches. A durable and cushioned footbed with foot contours provides arch support. Some sandals offer soles that can absorb shocks well and offer traction to the ground (which prevent falls).

Why You Need

A person with a high arched foot type has to deal with a serious issue. The body’s weight only goes to two parts on the foot: the ball and the heel. You require footwear that will evenly share the weight amongst all areas of the foot. Normal footwear won’t do this. You need specifically designed footwear that will properly split the weight. Fortunately, there are plenty of options available and at affordable prices.

You need sandals with contour shaped and arch supportive footbed. There are plenty of styles available and they’re fairly reasonably priced.

Sandals with Orthaheel Technology for High Arches

Vionic Louden – Men

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Vionic Shore – Women

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These Vionic sandals have Orthaheel technology. They’re perfect for people who have high arches. The sandal is very comfortable to wear. The casual design is great for multiple look. Soft and flexible uppers make it easy on the feet. Triple density EVA midsole is good to absorb shocks. For example, if you’re working on a hard surface like asphalt, this is a great sandal to have. The heel cushioning will absorb the impacts.

Casual Slip On High Arch

Skechers Louden – Men

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Skechers Reggae – Women

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These are casual slip-ons. As you can see, these will be easy to put on, even if you’re barely awake early in the morning. These are quite casual. Although they are comfortable, they definitely wouldn’t wouldn’t be good for work or for something formal. The hook and loop star is adjustable. This allow you to modify the shoe’s fit, making it very comfortable. The small heel is there for stability. The bed of the foot is made from plush memory foam. This is what makes it great for high arches – the sandal literally molds to your feet.

Fisherman’s Sandal for those with High Arches

We like these sandals because they’re dressier. They are 100% leather but the soles are made of rubber to be durable. Leather sandals look great on many outfits. This is a big advantage over the other sandals we found.

There is lots of breathability in this sandal. The nylon shank will provide the support and stability your high arch feet needs. You can use these both on trails or if you’re walking around in the city. Timberland has a great reputation for making quality projects.

Flip Flop with High Arch Support

These sandals are made of 100% leather and have rubber soles. It has a EVA footbed. What we like about these sandals is that they got received APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association) Seal of Acceptance.

This is great for summer adventures or just using in your house. Key to our recommendation: the footbed is podiatrist-designed but still has style.

Sandals for Higher Arches

These sandals have ADIPRENE by Adidas, which is a comfort technology. The EVA and memory-foam cushioned footbed make your high arch feet comfortable. Shock absorbency is great. If you step on small rock or gravel it won’t be a big deal. They are quite stylish.

Sports Sandals for those with high arches

Sports sandals should be different than the regular flip flops you use on the beach. Performance is important. For example, some might want to use their sandals to do a slight jog or a walk with a quickened pace that will burn more calories. . You need something that not only provides grip, but also comfort. Otherwise you might slip on the ground, especially if there is something slippery or if it’s raining. This allows your movement to be flexible. These sandals have a casual style. While they’re great for everyday use, if you’re attending a formal event you should probably choose something else.

These sandals are built sturdy. Because of their rugged build, these sandals will last a long time. These aren’t flimsy flip flops that you get from the dollar store.

Sandals with Easy Slide

These sandals offer lots of cushioning. Even if you walk a long way, you’ll be in total comfort. There is plenty of support for high arched feet, but people with regularly sized feet will be fine as well. The sandal has a FLUIDFORM technology where the sole of the feet molds to the bottom. This increases comfort and improves grip. There are also plenty of color options available.

What to look for when Choosing Sandals for High Arches


Price is one consideration. Since you are getting a specially designed sandal, you’re not going to be able to buy any cheap flip flop. Those tend to break down quite quickly anyways. Instead of quantity, go for quality. It does not have to be expensive. Many sandals for high arched feet have specially-designed technologies and are still quite affordable. Often, they’ll last for many years so you’ll be able to amortize the cost.


Durability is another key factor to look at. You don’t want your new sandals to break down a few weeks after using them. If you’re the type to be rough with your possessions (like if you like to run with your sandals), it might make sense to purchase an extra durable version. This might cost extra but could save you money in the long run.


Some people don’t care about this but style is important for many. Check if your clothes match the style of sandals. Also, decide if you want something sporty or something that would be more appropriate for formal settings.


Some sandals are certified by various medical boards. However, these might cost extra. Consider getting them if your high arch feet really bother you.