Best Shoes for Bad Knees Guide (top rated)

Best Shoes for Bad Knees Guide

best shoes for bad knees

Knee pain can feel awful. To those afflicted, it can really impact a comfortable run or even walk. It can be a whole host of issues with the muscles and bones. Fortunately, specially designed foot wear can help a lot with it. For example, If you have osteoarthritis, you might need medication. But research from NIH (National Institute of Health), proper shoes and insoles can decrease pressure on the knees can relieve pressure.

According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, knee is the largest and strongest joint in body. Finding the right pair of shoes can prove to be a challenge. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of stylish and comfortable shoes. We also have some additional advice for the condition. These include gout, degenerative arthritis, chondromalacia (runner’s knee), sore or torn ligaments, overusing knees, issue with knees affect the way you walk. It’s important for you to be well-educated about your condition.

Professional Opinion

Be sure to consult your doctor and even an orthopedic specialist. They’ll let you know what types of exercises are within bounds and provide any medication if necessary.


When purchasing your shoes, be sure to know:

  • Your budget. Those who typically don’t spend much on footwear should consider upping their allowance if they have knee pain. The pain relief will usually be worth it, and footwear lasts a long time if you take care of the shoes.
  • Your lifestyle. Are the shoes for everyday running? Or are they for work? Some jobs such as in restaurants you’re on your feet the whole day, so take that into consideration as well.
  • Style. Some shoes are casual while others are more dress up. Some are bright and stylish while others try to blend in.

Proper Running Form

Make sure you have break days if you have a running routine. Overworking your legs will lead to injury. Likewise, unfortunately many runners have bad form when they run. Be sure to lookup proper form on YouTube. Some might want to run on trails to avoid running on pavement. You’ll also want to look into if sneakers are running shoes.

Things to avoid:

Avoid clogs. Although these shoes are very stylish and look great with many styles, they put extra force on the feet.

Barefoot shoes such as Vibram do not give any support for the knees. They’re pretty fashionable with many athletes but you shouldn’t wear them.

Unfortunately for women, high heels are bad for the knees as well. Research by Harvard showed that the pressure on the kneecap was 23% higher on the knees with high heels.

Walking Shoe For Women

These walking shoes have a ROLLBAR stability post system which assists in controlling rear-foot movement. This boosts support. What makes these shoes stand out that they might be eligible for Medicare reimbursement with Medicare/HCPCS code A5500. It also has Walking Strike Path technology in the outsole which stabilizes the foot and helps it follow the natural walking gait cycle. These shoes are very comfortable. There are supple leather uppers and resilient rubber soles, making it long-lasting as well. There are three colors: white, black and Oral Grey

These sneakers come in five bright color schemes. The GuideRails support system protects the knees by keeping excess movement in check. These shoes are very breathable and perfect for a workout. A progressive Diagonal Rollbar is a tri-density midsole which helps promote progressive pronation control. The gait cycle of your feet will have superior transitions. You can use it for everyday use as well.

These running sneakers come in a range of bright colors. 3 millimeters of more height helps with achilles tension. The FluidRide midsole technology assists with the bounce back.

The air mesh upper gives breathability to these sneakers. It’s lightweight, making it perfect for a run. An EVERRIDE rubber outsole gives extra cushioning while EVERTRACK offers abrasion-resistant rubber.

This is a great runner for women. Ignite cushioning disperses the impact. The outsole also uses EVERTRACK and is made for high-abrasion.

Best Saucony Sneaker for Bad Knees

The PWRRUN+ midsole cushioning is now 25% lighter and has a rockerlike heel. The slipstream design helps with toeoff deliver. Several color schemes lets you add plenty of style to our outfit. We like the combination of fashion and performance. Saucony is a great boutique manufacturer of running shoes.

Best New Balance Sneaker for Bad Knees

New Balance has plenty of fans and it’s easy to see why. The Ultra Heel technology on these shoes hug the rear of the foot for a snug fit, which you’ll feel with every step. What makes these sneakers great is that the amount of color schemes available. As of this writing, the Men’s version of this shoe has 11 color schemes while the women’s has 12. The shoe is engineered with a breathable soft knit upper to provide stretch and relief.

Best Skechers for Bad Knees

Skechers are trendy shoes with memory foam insoles which provide plenty of comfort. These shoes are slip-on sporty sneaker designs with an elastic stretch. The Ultra Go midsole cushioning is responsive and lightweight. The Goga Mat breathable insole gives high-rebound cushioning. The manufacturing of this shoe was also eco-friendly. There is plenty of breathability and moisture management.It contains 5% recycled rubber.