Best Shoes for Morton’s Neuroma Guide (Top Rated)

Best Shoes for Morton’s Neuroma

According to the National Institute of Health, Morton’s Neuroma is a serious issue. Also referred to as a “pinched nerve” or a “nerve tumor” It is a foot condition that can cause a lot of pain. It is the benign growth of nerve tissue usually between the third and fourth toes. Medline defines benign means that it is non-cancerous, grows slowly and won’t spread. It’s not clear what exactly causes the condition. Fortunately, getting a specialized pair of shoes can greatly help with the pain. The best shoes for Morton’s Neuroma differs based on style, but we’ve compiled a list.

shoes for morton's neuroma are available

What does it feel like to have Morton’s Neuroma? While walking, you’ll experience a lot of pain between the toes and in the ball of the foot when you put weight on it. For immediate relief, stop your walk. Remove your shoe and rub the afflicted area with your fingers.


For whatever reason, the vast majority of those who develop this condition are women. The female portion of those affected is around 78%. If you have other foot health conditions such as hammer toes, bunions, high archers or flat feet, you’re at higher risk for Morton’s Neuroma. It is speculated that shoes with a narrow toe box can increase the likelihood of development because of increased pressure.

What makes a good shoe?

Surgery is an option, but can be expensive. Fortunately, there are shoes that can provide relief. It’ll give lots of area for feet in certain areas will providing strong support for your arches. Wide toe-box is also helpful because it lessens the pressure on the foot and nerves. Some shoes have stretchable uppers with strong but soft interiors. These will change to the shape of the foot, which will ease the pressure. Adjustable fits can help.

New Balance Morton’s Neuroma Walking Shoe

New Balance MW847v4 – Men

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New Balance MW847v4 – Women

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Sometimes you need a durable shoe for just walking around the house and outside. The MW847 serves this function for both men and women. Synthetic uppers and a wide toe box make this shoe much more comfortable.

This shoe utilizes ABZORB proprietary foam cushioning that has excellent shock absorption. For example, this will would be great to have if you accidentally step on an obstacle like a rock. The roll bar toolbar support will assist in movement and cut back on the stress experienced by the foot.

New Balance has a great reputation. This is a durable shoe with superior traction. It’s available in six colors.

Casual Walking Shoes

KEEN Austin – Men

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KEEN Presidio – Women

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This leather shoe looks sharp and has a nice rubber outsole. The Presidio has.a Cleansport NXT liner for comfort that’ll protect your feet when it rains. Color options include black and brown.

The Keen Austin is nuback and has waterproof leather. It also has a compression-molded EVA midsole for maximum comfort. The Metalogical footbed design is designed to provide great arch support and cradle the natural shape of the foot. Breathable mesh lining is used throughout the shoe. You’ll be able to keep cool and comfortable throughout the day. 

These shoes will inevitably be compared to the New Balances above. These are are more formal. The classic oxford lace design will make it perfect for a night out on the town or just for a walk. Leather goes well with some types of pants, particularly jeans. On the other hand, they will require extra care when cleaning. 

Theraputic Spring Shoe for Morton’s Neuroma

Z-Coil Liberty-Men

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Z-Coil Liberty – Women

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This tennis shoe is great for those who are afflicted by Morton’s Neuroma. It will also help if you suffer from Heel Spurs, Bunions, diabetes and arthritis. This sporty sneaker not only increases performance but provides comfort and lessens pain.

The mesh is not only stretchable but also breathable. When the shoe gets wet, don’t worry because it dries rapidly. The Z-coil spring serves as a stabilizer. When you’re doing strenuous activity like. asport, it’ll absorb shocks and relieve pain.

The spring sole helps with forwarding motion and provides support. It’ll help prevent slipping and promotes stability.

Morton’s Neuroma Comfort Shoes

Orthofeet Bismark – Men

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Orthofeet Springfield – Women

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These shoes are super comfortable and perfect for those with Morton’s Neuroma. These are “comfort shoes”. This is great for walking around the house or for a short walk outside. If you plan on hiking or going to a dinner party, choose something else.

What sets it apart from the other designs previously mentioned is that it is very flexible. It utilizes soft fabrics and an easy-to-use velcro strap. There’s no need to use shoelaces, which get dirty very rapidly.

The insoles offer great arch support and can absorb shocks. If you want to use your own orthotics you can. The sturdy rubber outsole can easily grip surfaces.

Running Shoe for Morton’s Neuroma

Asics Gel Cumulus 22 – Men

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Asics Gel Cumulus 22 – Women

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Asics is a well-established manufacturer of athletic shoes. This shoe is specialized for running. This is a better choice than the previous selections if you plan to do a lot of running. There are a number of innovations added to the shoe. The roomy toe box will be extra comfortable. 

The shoe has Asic’s Impact Guidance System that promotes the foots’ gait from the heel to toe. The Asics Gel Cumulus cushions impacts as you run. This is great to have if you are running on hard surfaces like pavement. 

The shoe also has FluidRide technology. Every step provides a bounce. There are multiple color choices available. 

Trail Running Shoe

Altra Lone Peak 4.5 – Men

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Altra Lone Peak 4.5 – Women

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Trail-running is a demanding exercise. You need something that is durable and rugged that can handle a rough trail. But it also needs to have good traction for when you go hiking.

The Zero-Drop outsole with a large toe box assists those who have Morton’s Neuroma condition. There is plenty of cushioning as well.

The TrailCrawl outsole offers lots of uphill and downhill lug traction. You’ll be. in-command of every trail situation.

Morton’s Neuroma Dress Shoe

Vionic Bruno – Men

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Vionic Amor Mariana – Women

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These shoes are for formal events. Dress shoes have a reputation for being uncomfortable and for valuing style over substance. These are different. As someone with Morton’s Neuroma, you need a shoe that is both practical and will relieve the pain from the condition. 

Smooth leather linings add style and stability. The supportive cushioning provide comfort the entire day. 

These shoes are perfect for professional environments such as an office job. They’re also excellent for formal occasions like weddings. 

Best Sandals & Clogs for Morton’s Neuroma

Sandals for Morton’s Neuroma

Mephisto Shark Fit – Men

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Mephisto All Rounder – Women

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Sandals are great. Whether it’s a walk on the beach or around the neighborhood, they’re super-comfortable. Since your feet are exposed to the air, your feet won’t get hot and humid.

What makes these sandals great are the adjustable straps. You can tighten or loosen them to your personal preference. The midsole provides support and stability.

Key for those with Morton’s Neuroma, this sandal has a shock absorber system. The impact of each step is reduced, which supports the joints. The sandal is ultra-light.