Best Shoes for Swollen Feet Guide (Top Rated)

What are the best shoes for swollen feet?

shoes for swollen feet

Millions of people are affected by swollen feet. It can be painful and sometimes more difficult to walk. Buying a specially designed shoes is critical. Not only will they provide proper comfort and support, but it’ll help with the anti-inflammatory process. Wearing regular shoes or low quality ones might make the situation worse.

What causes swelling?

Swelling in the feet can be caused by any number of issues. This includes major health issues like diabetes and kidney or heart disease. Poor circulation and the side effects of some medications can cause a problem.

Sometimes it might be a result of an injury such as ankle or foot sprains. You could get a deep bruise. It might be temporary but some people might want relief. It’s always handy to have an extra pair of shoes if something similar occurs.

Pregnancy causes the body to produce 50% more blood and fluid to meet the needs of the baby. It actually accounts for 25% of the weight gain.This will cause swelling everywhere in the body.

Edema is the official medical term. It’s the swelling caused by excess fluid. Unfortunately, a significant portion of adults suffer from it. The swelling can sometimes make it hard to comfortably walk. And most footwear isn’t designed to accommodate it.

Fortunately, those with edema have options. There is plenty of specially-designed shoes that are available. Often, they have plenty of cushioning and are extra-wide. The minimized pressure will allow the veins to relax and stop the build of fluids. Walking in them will be comfortable. You’ll be able to go about your day doing errands without pain.

Sometimes it can occur seemingly randomly and it goes away over time. You might want to visit a doctor to find out the cause.

Many workers have to stand up for extended periods of time. These include retail, food service and factory workers. This extended stress can cause it as well.


Leather can be a great material. It’s durable so it lasts and can be treated by the manufacturer to gain certain properties. It’s soft and considered more dressy so they can be worn to formal events. Sometimes it’s elastic. However, if it’s hard, it’ll stretch less.

Canvas is another popular option. It’s breathable and the stretch varies depending on the fabric. If you’re considering buying a pair of breathable shoes, consider the type of thread and weaving. Some canvas shoes will be superior to other ones.

Possible Solutions

Laces and straps are critical part of shoes. After all, they’re what keep footwear from falling off.

When you have swelling, if the laces or straps are set to tightly, your shoes can break.

Laces are an excellent choice. You can easily tighten them to the proper amount. Typically, they’re made from some sort of woven material. They’re soft and offer stretching.

Hook and loop closures are another option. They can easily be adjusted. Many senior citizens and kids like to use them.

If you are purchasing sandals, try to find a pair that have adjustable straps. This way, they’ll fit well and you’ll have space in the heel area.

Some people with swelling might instinctively consider just buying a shoe that is a size bigger. Although your feet are taking up more room, this is often a bad decision. The sizing will likely be off. It might make the pain and situation worse.

Sometimes your doctor might recommend custom orthotics. Look for shoes with removable insoles. This will allow you to take out the footbeds. You’ll easily be able to place the specialized orthotics in.

When it comes to a good shoes for swelling, the most important factor is support and cushioning. You’ll want to look for shoes with arch support and deeper heel cups. These will help align your feet with the shoe and help with posture. Good shoes will take the pressure of your ankles, knees, feet and hips. The foam collar is expandable. What’s great is the customer service. The seller offers free exchanges.

A good feature is cushioned soles. Usually they’re made of memory foam, EVA foam or rubber.

You also might want to know if sneakers are business casual. If you talk to your office manager, they might be able to make an exception.

Boots for Men

These boots are great. They’re leather, so they can be used for more semi-formal occasions. They’re dressy enough for a date or similar night out on the town.
The shoe is of high quality and made of 100% leather. It uses dyed sheep fur from Australia. The sole is synthetic. UGG is a well established manufacturer of footwear. What we like about these boots is the durability and style. Some shoes we have selected are more in the “comfortable” category (where you wear it around the house) but this pair can be used for many occasions.

Casual Shoes for Men

These shoes are made of lycra, while the sole is of rubber. One great feature of these shoes is that they are machine washable. Maintenance is easy. So don’t worry about dirt or stains accumulating, you can just throw them in the washer. This shoe is unique in that it offers “double depth”. There’s extra depth for the volume due to swelling. The straps will allow you to easily adjust the tightness. The padding heel and tongue will help prevent skin irritation. Dr. Comfort specializes in footwear for people with health issues.
One drawback is that they are only offered in black. That might dissuade some buyers.

These shoes are good for people with more severe conditions. There is added depth for swelling. The inserts are removable, making them perfect for orthotics.

Best Shoe for Severely Swollen Feet

What makes these shoes stand out from the competition is that they are eligible for reimbursement under the Medicare Therapeutic Shoes for Persons with Diabetes Benefit (AKA the Therapeutic Shoe Bill). Filling out the paperwork will take a little time but getting a complimentary pair of shoes is great. The shoes use the innovative Propet EV (Extra Volume) insole system. You can remove the bottom insole to give extra volume or remove both soles if you want to install custom orthotics. It’s a dress shoe (made of leather) so you can wear it to the office.)

Slippers for Swollen Feet

These traditional moccasins are super comfortable and the styling is timeless. Minnetonka has been making authentic moccasins since 1946. The slippers are made to stretch to the shape of your feet over time. This means it’ll have a unique “snug” fit. They’ll keep your warm on cold days.

These slippers are great for the elderly. A velcro strap makes adjustments quick and easy.

A velcro hook-and-loop instep strap makes adjusting tightness very easy.

These sandals are 100% suede. The sole is synthetic. The buckles are adjustable. What’s great about these sandals that the cork footbed helps with foot health. These sandals are great for the beach and other outtings. Birkenstock footwear has been made in Germany since 1774. The shoes eventually mold to your feet, which will give them a great fit. The footwear will assist in having your body weight evenly distributed over the entire foot. It’ll provide maximum support and comfort.

These Orthofeet shoes are specially designed to reduce pain. It’s light weight, which is certainly helpful. The Ergonomic-Stride design softens the step and enhances foot movement. This reduces stress on the joints of the food. The Ortho-Cushion system is very innovative. There is plenty of gel-padding under the feet. Arch support is provided by the contoured orthotic insole. Orthofeet has sold shoes to millions of customers and helped them with their foot pain. The fabric uses DryPlex anti-order technology and PolyU foam to wick away sweat. Both will reduce foot odor.

What we particularly like about this pair of shoes is that they are not only great for foot health but also stylish. They have a 60 day money-back guarantee. The excellent cushioning with the orthotic insoles give great art support. The cushioning will easy the pain. These casual shoes are great for around the house, running errands or even some social outtings.

These are knitted plush slippers with rubber soles. They are super comfortable. The closures are easily adjustable. It’s open toe, so you can allow your feet to breathe. This is particularly useful when it’s hot in the summer. It’s available in four colors. The textured bottom will grip to the floor, which adds traction. There is a layer of a memory foam cushion which will add extra comfort. Because it’s machine washable, maintenance is very easy. What makes these slippers out is a 100% money back guarantee. So there’s no risk to you. This is highly recommended if you’re looking for slippers to wear around the house.