Best Walking Shoes For Overweight Men Guide (Top Rated)

Best Walking Shoe For Overweight Men

Overweight men have to concern themselves with a lot of health issues, but good walking shoes can help. The health problems can include high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, the risk of cancer and stroke and arthritis. Some of these are quite serious. In addition to these health risks, there are additional issues regarding the feet and legs. Basically, the more weight you have, the more pressure you put on your joints. It can be bad for your ankles and soles if you are overweight and stand on them for awhile. This can be problematic but fortunately with the right shoes this will not be a problem. The risk of plantar fasciitis, supination, over pronation and knee problems goes down. You’ll no longer be troubled by aches and pains. Overweight men will be okay as long as they find the right pair of shoes.

Why Buy Walking Shoes

Walking shoes aren’t super specialized and are quite versatile. You’ll even be able to use them for light running or even some light hiking on some trails. They won’t be too pricey. And if you buy shoes on this list, they’ll provide the support and cushioning you as an overweight person needs.

Things to look for

A shoe buyer should be discerning as not all are created equally. A buyer who is overweight needs to be looking for certain things. In addition to the buying points here, we’ve assembled a list of great shoes for overweight buyers.

Padding. This is critical. When you stand, walk or run, your mass will put pressure on the ground. This is especially true on hard surfaces like the side walk or road. This can be painful after awhile if you’re overweight. Cushioned shoes make it a lot more comfortable. It acts as sort of a wall between the floor and your feet. If it’s particularly cushy you’ll be able to go for hours with no problem. This is important if you have a job where you have to stand on your feet (such as a hospital or restaurant).

Good sole. Many buyer overlook this. But a good sole is worth its money. When you walk or run, your foot will move around. A sole helps with this and also provides support. As an overweight person, you need a good sole. Rubber is a popular material because it can bend a lot. Other materials might snap.

Size is important too. Remember, different brands differ when it comes to measurement. Some are larger or smaller than other brands for the same size. If your shoes are too big, you might be at more risk of falling. Your feet might rub against the sides, which will cause blisters. Meanwhile, if your shoes are too tight, they’ll be painful to wear. Depending on the socks you’re wearing you might not even fit in the shoe. Check out our guide.

You’ll also want friction between your shoes and the ground. This is frequently known as traction. Some leather shoes are smooth and flat. If the ground is slippery or wet, you’re at risk of slipping. You’ll have a lot of trouble if there is snow or ice. Before buying a shoe, it might be helpful to think where you’re going to walk. If it’s an icey area, you should have alternate shoes in the winter. Rubber is often a good material to provide traction.

Lastly, breathability is important. Your shoes aren’t breathing but your feet are! They sweat and emit smells, especially under athletic conditions. Mesh shoes work great. Some shoes are specially designed to be breathable.

Our Selection

Skechers Equalizer Persistent Slip-On Sneaker

This is a great lightweight sneaker. It’s slip-on, making it easy to put on and no need to deal with pesky shoelaces. It has memory foam, which provides cushioning. The outsole provides flexible traction. Sketchers is a footwear brand known for quality. Not only does this shoe have Sketcher’s excellent styling, but it is very durable as well.

ASICS Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe

We know you asked for walking shoes but a running shoe is great for all types of situations. Not only is it great for walk in it but it’s great for jogging and running. This particular sneaker is great for overweight men because it has Rearfoot GEL cushioning. We like this shoe because the rugged outsole is good for a variety of terrains. Whether you’re just walking on the sidewalk near your house or doing some lightweight hiking, this sneaker will get the job done if you’re heavy. ASICs is Japanese company and Japan is known for quality goods.

Brooks Adrenaline

The DNA LOFT Crash Pad is specially designed to cushion impacts. Every footfall works with the BioMoGo to adapt to every stride. This is what a heavyset man needs. The Air Mesh upper hugs the foot for a secure fit and assists with breathability. GuideRails prevent too much movement while protecting the knees.

Brooks Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

We wanted to include some leather shoes in this list. These are dressier and it’s possible that it’ll fit in more formal settings. In case you have extra-wide feet, these shoes come in variable widths. This shoe emphasizes maximum support with its extended progressive diagonal rollbar, which is good for your arch and guides your feet on its natural path of motion.

Propet Stability Walker

The shoe has a wider forefoot and heel base. The shoe emphasizes stability, which is definitely a plus if you’re overweight. Included is a heel pad a ridges that cushion, which deliver better comfort. There is a perforated leather upper.

Maitrip Men’s Running Sneakers

Maitrip is a fashion lifestyle brand. They emphasize style. But their shoes are still comfortable and durable without savrificing quality. This particular shoe is flexible, lightweight and breathable. The thousands of holes in the breathable mesh upper will keep you dry and cool. The toe cap is strong and protects your toes from injury. The sole has shock absorption and wear resistance. The bottom grooves improve traction. This shoe is great for overweight men.