Best Workout Shoes for Flat Feet Guide (Top Rated)

Best Workout Shoes for Flat Feet

According to the Institute for Preventative Foot Health, approximately 8% of the population have flat feet. They need to be careful of what type of shoes they buy. If they buy ill-fitting shoes, it can lead to cramping and aches and pain. Fortunately, many shoes are specifically designed for those with flat feet exist. Many of them are great for workouts and are fashionable and affordable. We’ve compiled a list with all the top brands, including PUMA, Adidas, Nike, ASICS and Skechers.

You can tell if you have flat feet if the arch of your foot hits the ground when you walk. Your ankles will probably slant inward when you’re walking or running .

What Causes Flat Feet

Much of what causes flat feet is genetic. It’s simply in the genes. But weight gain can cause it. Shoes that don’t provide much support can make the situation a lot worse. It’s also linked to poor posture.

So in some ways that’s good news. If you’re overweight, go on a diet. If it’s a posture issue, correct it. And buy the proper footwear and most of the issue goes away.

Flat feet might also be linked to other health conditions. These include muscle spasms, heel pain, and plantar fasciitis.

Strengthen Feet

Another thing you can do is strengthen your feet. By keeping them strong, you’ll protect them from injury. You’ll be able enjoy workouts and everyday life with no issues whatsoever.

  1. Walk around barefoot. This helps because people use poorly fitted shoes.
  2. Use exercises that target the feet. Many of these do not require a costly gym membership to do. Look into toe yoga, calf stretches, even grabbing a towel with the toes.

What to Consider When Buying a Shoe for Flat Feet

Flat feet require special shoes. Here are some factors you need to consider.

  1. A good shoe for flat feet starts with the right shape. Look for a straighter last shoe.
  2. Shoes that are low or no drop with a low or non existent heel is best. On one end are flip flops, which a re low or no drop. On the other end are high heels, which are high drop. You want low drop. High drop puts you at risk for injuries. Low drop is lower risk.
  3. Arch support is very important for those with flat feet. You should not buy a shoe with a flat sole. Its good to find athletic shoes that have the arch built into not just the sole but into the shoe as well. When you try on the shoe, it should feel supported.
  4. Throw away your shoes when they’re worn out. Runners should only wear their pairs for roughly 300 miles.

Workout Shoes for Flat Feet

Nike Pegasus Men/Women Workout Shoes for Flat Feet

This shoe was created with feedback from Mo Farah, a very famous Olympic distance runner from Great Britain. This is great for every type of runner, from those just starting to advanced. Mo loves these shoes and she’s won a gold olympic medal.

It has a very soft mesh upper and offers plenty of traction. You’ll have plenty of style and comfort while you work out.

Skechers Men’s Workout Shoes for Flat Feet

This is a classically-styled sports sneaker. The styling isn’t too aggressive but it’s still sporty. It is very comfortable. We really like this shoe because of the reflective metallic trim. If you decide to do some night running, you’ll be more visible to cars. Skechers is brand that is more stylish than the big athletic brands.

Skechers Women’s Workout Shoes for Flat Feet

This is a classically styled training sneaker. Comfort is a priority, with a padded collar and tongue. The midsole is designed to support a lot of shock and the rubber traction outsole is excellent for durability. The upper is quite breathable due to the perforations and mesh lining. Many people swear by Skechers for both style and quality and this shoe excels. The brand has won numerous awards. We like this shoe because of its comfort and style. 

Adidas Training Shoes for Flat Feet

The German brand Adidas is known for its sports technology. These training shoes will help your flat feet stay comfortable. They are built to have long lasting comfort. You’ll be able to do multi hour workouts with these. The canvas upper gives breathable support. 

With athletic activities, you definitely want a shoe that makes it easier to do rotational movement. A pivot-point outsole on these shoes do that for you.

This shoe is 100% synthetic. The rubber sole provides support and flexibility. The mono mesh helps with sweat and odor. 

ASICS Training Shoes for Flat Feet

Most people don’t know that ASICS are actually a Japanese athletic footwear company. Japan is good at technology so ASICS shoes are quite advanced. What we like about this cross-training shoe is very versatile. The gel-crave TR 4 shoe has both protection and responsiveness. You’ll get your best performance in these shoes. The Rearfoot gel® cushioning system will give you help with impacts on the ground. Hard surfaces like asphalt or the sidewalk won’t be an issue. Run for long periods of time. 

Puma’s Training Shoes for Flat Feet

PUMA is a fashionable athletic brand. The Tazon 6 has a modern look and has plenty of stable cushioning. The brand is originally from German so the sleek European styling is strongly preferred by some people. 

The shoes are quite durable. In fact, they might even last longer than the recommended 300 miles for training shoes. There are holes in it as well for ventilation. The shoe also has the proper support that flat feet need.