Why are Crocs so Expensive? 3 Reasons the Popular Footwear is Pricey

Crocs shoes have taken the world by storm. Ever year, millions are sold in various colors. You’ll find people wearing them not only in stores, restaurants and around-the-house but also in work environments like hospitals. In many ways, they’re a revolutionary footwear product because of their design and material. If you’re checking prices on various online retailers, you might be questioning the price tag. Why are crocs so expensive?

There are a multitude of factors, but amongst them is that they’re more expensive to produce than regular footwear and Crocs are a unique product. The company will charge what the market will bear. However, they’re quite durable and have won rave reviews, so many would argue that they’re worth it.

Special Production

Regular footwear is very inexpensive because of global supply changes. The vast majority of shoes today are manufactured in third world countries where production costs are low. The production costs are also lower because they all use the same materials.

Crocs, on the other hand, uses a special polymer material (crocslite). It spends money on research and development to advance its technology and keep its product unique. Its production costs are likely higher than the average pair of shoes. These higher costs are passed onto the consumer.

Charge What Market Will Bear

We live in a capitalist society. In general, a firm will control its production to maximize its total profit.

Crocs theoretically could sell more shoes by decreasing prices, but it would make less per pair and thus sacrifice total profit. It wants to be a company that sells premium products and sell fewer items at a higher price.

Despite the high prices, Crocs sold an astounding 18.9 million pairs of shoes a quarter. That’s a lot of shoes, and given their profit margins, a lot of profit!

Unique Product

Most shoes are commodities. If Adidas sneakers cost too much, consumers will just switch to Pumas. While there are exceptions (such as Nike’s Jordan sneakers), it’s more difficult for regular shoe manufacturers to charge much more than what the market can bear.

Crocs, on the other hand, are unique. It has a brand that is unlike anything else on the market. You can’t simply switch to a knockoff brand because Crocs has patents on its product and manufacturing material.

Quite simply, consumers are willing to pay for the high prices because they feel the product is worth it. And being a profit-driven firm, Crocs will charge these prices.

Cost Effective in the Long Run

Can millions upon millions of shoes sold be wrong? While Crocs aren’t for everyone, they’ve receive rave reviews from both the press and customers.

There’s the point that Crocs make sense for long run ownership. Sure, those pair of flip-flops from Primark cost $6. But can you wear them when you go out? They’re not closed toe so you’re not going to be able to wear them in a lot of areas. Are they going to last longer than the summer?

Crocs are famous for being durable. Some owners have used their pair for over a decade. When deciding how much something costs, you should take into consideration how long it lasts. Something that is more expensive but is high quality might be a better buy.

This mentality is also better for the environment. Activists have pointed out that we live in a “throw away” society where we are constantly buying and throwing stuff out. We should think about buying quality items and keep them for a long time. That means less junk in the landfills. If you buy a pair of crocs instead of going through a pair of flip flops every season, that’s a lot less trash.

What happens when your Crocs get worn out, break or you no longer want them? That’s a common question. Are Crocs recyclable and how environmentally sustainable are they?

Easily Washable

An often overlooked factor regarding footwear is the maintenance. Too often we are caught up on looks or the price. Crocs are easily washable. You don’t have to worry if you step in a puddle or drop food on it. There’s nothing worse then getting a hard-to-remove stain on a new pair of shoes. Easy maintenance means less headaches.

Support from Experts

They’re also very comfortable. They’re actually certified by the US Ergnomoics Council. This is an organization that specializes in product and workplace ergnomoics. It’s also supported by the American Podiatric Medical Association.

They’re great for work too. Some nurses like to wear them during their work shifts. The medical professions are very stressful. The fact that they’re used in hospitals shows how good they are. If you work from home, they’re very cozy footwear to wear.

The list continues. They’re waterproof, are soft, grip well and are shock proof. Since their launch in July 2002 in Boulder Colorado, they’ve been quite a hit. After selling out in two days at a Florida Boat Show, they’ve been in high demand ever since.

High Utility

It really depends on what you compare the Crocs too. Yes, as previously mentioned, they’re very pricey compared to a pair of $6 Primark flip-flops. If you’re tight on a budget and just need something to wear around the house for a season, you might be better off just buying these.

But Crocs are much more. They’re not only great at home but can be worn out in public. And if you’re using them for work, you’ll get great value out of them. They’re actually relatively inexpensive compared to some pairs of work shoes.

Crocs might seem pricey from the getgo. But they’re made of a proprietary material. They are extremely durable and offer great utility. And of course capitalism: the company charges what the market will bear. So keep this in mind. They’re not for everyone but many Croc owners are big fans.