How Long do Crocs Last? 4 Simple Tricks to Prolong Lifespan

Many people love their Crocs. They’re unique in that they’re both comfortable and functional. Usually that’s a tradeoff. But Crocs are lightweight, anti-slip and anti-odor. They’re very fashionable and colorful as well. So not only do some people wear them at work, but some people wear them at the beach as well. There’s a lot to love. All good things come to an end, however. A prospective buyer might ask: do Crocs break down? How long do they last?

The answer is yes, they do not last forever. However, some owners are reporting their pairs lasting five years or longer.

When Crocs wear down, they get “compressed”. New ones are far more comfortable. Many choose to buy a new pair and keep their old one as a backup.

After all, they do “break in” easily.

All Types of Footwear Break

Most things break down over time. This rule particularly applies to footwear because of the wear and tear they go through. With each step of a shoe, you’re putting your weight on the footwear. While a walk on a carpet or trail might be soft, some surfaces like a road are hard. Footwear is also used fairly frequently and for long periods. Most of the time, we wear a single pair of shoes for the entire day. That’s a lot of stress on the fabric.

Many “sneakerheads”, who own dozens of sneaker pairs, will keep a special pair for their night out. For example, some runners go through multiple pairs of running sneakers a year. Fortunately, Crocs last much longer.


Crocs are not made of normal footwear material. It’s made of a rubber-like polymer known as Croslite. The material offers a lot of the benefits of the Croc shoe. It makes the shoe lightweight, anti-slip and anti-odor. It also makes them very resilient to wear-and-tear. It’s quite durable. It’s what makes Crocs unique and actually why they cost so much. Well, you get what you pay for as Crocs will last longer than other types of shoes.

Regular footwear is going to breakdown much faster because of the traditional fabrics used. Even with modern technology, it’s hard to produce a regular shoe that lasts very long. Crocs are different.

Depends on Use

“Your Mileage May Vary” really applies to how long your Crocs will last. For one, different people have different habits. Some people will only wear the shoes around the house for a couple hours. Others will wear them for 12 hour standing shifts at their workplace. People also stand differently and have different strides, which will affect how the weight will be distributed on the shoe. Everyone is unique. Therefore, the stress on the shoe will vary tremendously.

Additionally, different models of Crocs will last longer. There is a big assortment of designs. Additionally, although the Croc company doesn’t reveal it, some models will have a different material formula than others.

So it really depends. Just take heart in knowing that your Crocs will last a lot longer than other types of shoes.

Proper Care of your Crocs

If you want your Crocs to last as long as possible, you need to take care of them. This is true of any possession. It might be a hassle every so often, but your items will last you a lot longer. This is good for both the environment and your wallet.

It’s important to note that Crocs shrink in the sunlight. While this can be reversed with some fairly simple methods, it will stress out the material slightly. So be careful to not leave them out on the porch or in the car when it’s sunny. Crocs are very low maintenance but its important to be aware of their vulnerability to heat.

As a precaution, find a regular place where you can store your Crocs. Ideally, this will be a cool or shaded place. Randomly dropping your shoes wherever you feel like it could lead to an accident. Proper planning and organization will go a long way.

There are also everyday things you can do. If you want to maximize the use of your Crocs, go on short walks rather than long intervals and avoid very hard surfaces like roads. This is primarily if you use it for personal use. If you’re wearing the Crocs for work, unfortunately you won’t be able to do this as the amount you use the shoe will be dictated by your job.

Don’t drag your feet when you walk. This can really wear out the shoe. Be careful of your stride.

Long Lasting

Crocs, as previously mentioned, are very long-lasting. They can last five years or longer. This is far longer than almost any footwear than is worn regularly. In fact, it’s longer than most items such as a cell phone or other types of clothing.

What’s also good is that Crocs don’t “break” in that they fall apart. Typically, they get compressed which makes them less comfortable to wear. So if you’re really want to you can continue wearing them.

Some people complain that Crocs are pricey. This makes up for the cost. While they might be more expensive than some footwear, they make up for it in durability

Five years is far longer than most types of footwear. This means less materials consumed and less trash in the garbage dumps.


It’s also good to know that Crocs offers a warranty on some of its products. Right now it’s 90 days. So be sure to utilize it if you qualify. However, it’s mostly for manufacturing defects. Additionally, if you purchase from unauthorized vendors you won’t qualify.

When to Replace

The primary thing you should be looking for is a lack of support. If you’re walking on a worn-out shoe that doesn’t have the proper support, you could get injured. Look out for aggravation of the skin and general instability as well.

There’s a lot to love about Crocs. They combine style and functionality unlike any other type of footwear. Like any type of item, they do break down over time. They get “compressed” making them less comfortable to wear. Crocs have a great reputation for durability and many owners report them lasting over half a decade.

So are you thinking about getting Crocs? That’s a personal decision, but don’t be concerned about them breaking. They last for an eternity.