Do Crocs Break in Easily? 3 Simple Tricks to Speed up the Process

Crocs are a very type of popular shoe. If you’re walking in a park or at the beach, you’re bound to pass by a couple people wearing them. The rave reviews are everywhere online. You might be tempted to buy yourself a pair. Do Crocs break in easily?

It’s good to consider proper care of any footwear. There’s nothing worse than wearing shoes that are too tight. The answer is yes. Crocs “mold” fairly quickly and there are even ways you can expedite the process, which are listed below. In no time, you’ll have a pair of shoes that are comfortable, anti-slip, odor-resistant and lightweight.

Breaking in Footwear: Not All Created Equal

Not all footwear breaks in easily. We’ve all had memories in our youth of buying a nice pair of leather shoes, only to have them be super tight on the big night. Not only does this lead to a painful evening, but some of us might have woken up the next day with blisters.

Crocs aren’t like that at all. They’re not made of traditional shoe material. They’re made of Croslite, which is a polymer that is very soft. You’ll be wearing your Crocs comfortably in no time.

How soon will the break in?

This really varies based on the size of your foot and the type of Crocs that you wear. Some Crocs might be made of different formulas of the material. What is broken in to some people might be different to other people.

The general guide is from only one hour to three days. They might feel tight in the store when you buy them. The longer you walk or use them, the sooner it will be. If you’re concerned about bruises or blisters you can use socks.

Crocs are Casual

When you buy a fancy leather shoe, there is usually a deadline like a formal event where you have to wear them. Crocs are casual shoes so most wearers will be able to break them in over time.

This is different if you’re wearing them for work. Some medical professionals like to wear Crocs because they’re very comfortable and anti-slip. However, a standing 8 or 12 hour shift might be too much for a brand new pair of Crocs.

If you want to break them in faster, there are methods you can use. All of them use common household items that you will probably not need to purchase. They typically take less than 30 minutes.

The Hair Dryer Method

Most households have a hair dryer and fortunately this is all that is needed to break in your Crocs. Put it on the highest settings.

Then take a thick towel and wrap your Crocs in them. The towel will allow to be evenly distributed around the shoes.

Heat it for approximately three minutes. Check on it periodically to make sure it doesn’t heat and that all areas are heated. When the Crocs are soft and flexible you can stop.

Put on a pair of socks. It’s better if they’re thick.

Put on the Crocs and walk around for approximately ten minutes. There’s no need to jump around or run. Just gently walk around your house. This will stretch the shoe.

Afterwards, try wearing them normally (with just your feet). If the crocs are still tight, do the process over again.

Water Method

This involves boiling water, so take great care. Boil some water and put it in a bowl or container that can fit your shoes. Many people won’t have large enough bowls but a plastic storage case can work.

Put the crocs in the container and submerge them. Don’t get your hands wet (be careful!). You can use a stick or other item to push the shoes down. Submerge them for roughly a minute.

Take them out and allow them to cool off. When it’s an acceptable temperature, wear them. As a precautionary measure, wear a pair of thick socks as well. Walk around for 15 minutes. This will mold the shoes to your feet.

Thick Socks Method

This is the simplest method as you don’t need any heating equipment. After all, not everyone has a hairdryer and the boiling water method might intimidate some.

Simply wear a pair of 4-5 thick socks and walk around in them.

When to Take Extra Care

As you can see, Crocs are probably one of the easiest type of shoes to break in. Some situations will require more planning.

Some people might buy a new pair of Crocs for a vacation (say a beach getaway), only to discover the pair of shoes are too tight. Most hotels will have a hairdryer in their suites’ bathrooms. If not, you can ask for one. You can even try using the hot water in the bathtub. Depending on how hot it gets, this might work. If this doesn’t work, you can ask the hotel’s restaurant (if it has one) for some boiling water. Just be sure to tip well!

If you’re out camping, Crocs shrink in the sun. So the problem could actually get worse. Try to keep them in shade.

As previously mentioned, some people use Crocs for work. This is an issue when someone wears sneakers to work and only puts on their work crocs for the first time at the job. Don’t do this. There’s a good chance you’ll be sent home and your coworkers will be short-staffed. Check your work gear before leaving for the job.

Additional Tips

It might be slightly painful walking around in your new Crocs. What you can do is walk in them in short bursts. Walk in them longer each time you do it. Pretty soon, you’ll have a comfortable pair of Crocs to wear.

It might take a little longer than you expected. Just keep in mind that Crocs last far longer than most types of shoes. They’re very durable and long lasting. Some users have even reported that they’re still wearing them five or ten years after buying them.

Crocs are far easier to break in than other types of shoes. It only takes a brief period and your feet will love them.