What are the holes in Crocs for? The answer may surprise you

Crocs have a very distinct and unique design. If you see someone wearing one, they’ll definitely stand out. They look like brightly colored clogs made of a special rubber. You might notice the holes on top of the Crocs. Most shoe simply have a flat surfacer. You might be wondering: what are the holes in Crocs for?

There are a couple different purposes. They help with ventilation and lent out moisture. But you can also personalize your Crocs with ornaments which are known as Jibbitz. Many people like to put them in to show off their style.

What’s the primary purpose of the Croc’s holes?

The original and primary purpose for the holes are to help with ventilation and let out moisture. The holes are a low-tech but very effective way to combat the accumulation of sweat and keep the feet ventilated. It might seem like a simple problem but these two issues are some of the biggest problems modern footwear faces.

Many people sweat when they wear shoes. This depends on several things. If you’re moving up hill or walking quickly, you might sweat more. If you’re doing an activity for an extended period. If the weather conditions are hot and humid, the sweat problem might become a big issue. Eventually, it might start to feel uncomfortable and your feet might start to stink. Your feet needs to be ventilated.

Shoes try to combat this in various ways. Many shoes advertise using various advanced materials that are so-called “breathable”, with mixed results. Sometimes it works but sometimes it’s just purely marketing.

Croc’s holes do work because they are essentially low-technology. They’re real holes. Fresh air can flow in and and moisture can simply flow out of them. There’s no need to promise of using “advanced breathable materials”. They’re almost like sandals in a way. The holes are an easy way to get guaranteed ventilation over the feet.

What are Jibbitz?

Jibbitz are fun images. They can be everything from pop culture icons to gems to letters. You mount them on a post for one of the thirteen holes on a Croc shoes

For example, if you love Pizza, get a Pizza icon. There are plenty of sports ones available. If you are a die-hard basketball fan, get a basketball themed one. There are letters available, so you can spell something out. If you like sparkly things, use some gems. You have a tremendous amount of customization available to you. You can show off your hobbies and sense of humor. With Jibbitz, no two Crocs will be alike. A person will be able to get a good read on you just by looking at your shoes.

In this way, Crocs are a lot more fun than other type of shoes. Instead of trying to imitate your favorite athlete by wearing their sneaker, the shoes reflect who you are. You get to collect Jibbitz over time and thus they have meaning to you. Eventually, your Crocs won’t be just shoes anymore.

Your shoes will also stand out in the crowd. The vast majority of shoes look like alike and come in the same colors. Your brightly colored Crocs with jibbitz will stand out. It’ll be an instant conversation starter. Someone might see your basketball-themed jibbitz and ask about it. You’ll be able you tell them how you played basketball in college.

How do I insert a Jibbitz?

This is quite easy to do. First, squeeze the top of the crocs together. Slide one of the piece post into the hole and then squeeze the reset of the way until it makes a popping sound. Then relax your grip and let go.

How do I remove a Jibbitz?

This is not complicated to do either. Squeeze the top of the Crocs around the selected hole and simply ease it out.

Are there any other uses?

Foreign objects like small rocks can be expelled quickly. So if you’re walking and a small rock gets in your shoe, there’a good chance that it’ll fall out quickly. This goes for water as well.

How many holes are there?

Each Croc has 13 holes that are scattered throughout the front section of the shoe.. This means you have 26 in total, split between two shoes. That’s plenty for Jibbitz and proper aeration of your feet. If you want to add more, scroll down a bit as we have some instructions on how to do that. It’s a do-it-yourself solution but isn’t that difficult to do.

What’s the official name for the Croc’s shoes holes?

Officially, they’re known as portholes. Not many people use that name for them but now you know. It might be helpful to know it if you’re talking to Croc’s support team.

Why do some Crocs not have holes?

There are a couple of designs that do not have holes.

One of best selling ones is Crocs RX, which is for medical professionals. Surgeons and nurses love Crocs because they are so comfortable to wear and they have to be on their feet the entire day. But hospitals didn’t like them because the holes didn’t protect the feet from liquid spills or needy falls. Crocs released Crocs RX for hospital staff.

Yes, crocs can be used for high-demand environments such as hospitals. They’re quite durable and very comfortable. You might be wondering why they’re so expensive. Well, for many, they’re worth the cost!

How can I add additional holes?

Some people might want to add additional holes. For example, despite the existing 13 holes, some parts of your feet might still be getting sweaty. Or your Crocs aren’t big enough for your Jibbitz collection. Either way, with some power tools you can make new holes in your Crocs. You can use a rotary puncher drill bit. Be sure to be very careful when doing this and follow all safety precautions. Also, hold down your crocs firmly when using a drill bit.

Crocs have a distinctive design. The 13 holes on top of the shoe are known as portholes. They’re used to help with moisture, ventilate the shoe and allow for customization with Jibbitz.