Which Sneakers Add the Most Height? Be Taller in this Stylish Footwear

Which Sneakers Add the Most Height?

Some people like to focus on the height-increasing potential of their sneakers. Their shoes can add not only style but to their physical presence as well. For whatever reason, they might wear Timberlands a lot and elevator shoes at formal events. Height is important. Sneakers are casual and everyday wear. Sometimes unnoticed is that sneakers that add height help also with lots of sports, particularly basketball. According to the American Psychological Association, people view taller people as more leader-like and authoritative. It even means more income on average, according to the Guardian.

Sometimes, sneakers are even considered business casual. The additional height might boost your presence in office meetings.

How Stylish are Height Increasing Shoes?

Sneakers are high fashion. People collect them and there are many designers and companies coming out with new styles.

You might be thinking that height increasing sneakers will be bulky and uncool because they’re functional. But some of the biggest names in sports sneakers, including Nike, make sneakers that will improve your height by a lot.

What about height-increasing inserts soles?

Height increasing soles do work and what’s great is that you can put them in your favorite sneakers. They can sometimes fall out of the sneaker when you’re not wearing them. Also, they might be too large for the sneaker, which can cause instability. It might be clumsy walking with one and you might even trip and fall. Be very careful when doing any sort of physical activity such as running or a sport with one.

How Much Height do the Sneakers Add?

Typical sneakers only add half an inch. While that’s nice, some might want more. Work boots can add a whole inch. But something like Nike Air Force 1s will add 1.2 inches. Some basketball sneakers can add 2 inches.

Vans Core Classic

This shoe, quite simply, is a classic. The styling will go with many types of clothing. It is of 100% canvas material. Vans is a great name and this shoe will make you taller.

Nike Men’s Air Max 90

The sole provides an insane amount of cushioning and height. The padded collar provides a sleek look that is very comfortable. Air Max is a venerable name and the rubber waffle outsole has the heritage look of the Airmax name. If you want the 90s look, here it is.

Reebok Men’s Classic Leather Sneaker

This Reeboks are not only great for athletic activities but super stylish as well. Go to social events in these fashionable sneakers and get the added height boost.