Why do Chefs Wear Crocs?

The work environment of chefs is known to be hazardous. Why do chefs wear Crocs then? Crocs are known as comfort wear. They’re typically known as lounge or beach wear, not as something you wear to work.

There are many reasons. Crocs have non-slip properties. This is very handy to have in a kitchen. The shoes are very comfortable and chefs sometimes spend 16 hours standing up on hard floors.They don’t have laces. In fact, they’re so popular that many employers offer them for a discounted amount to their employees.

Time on Feet

Most people don’t actually spend that much time on their feet. This is especially true of office workers. If you ever go to an office, you’ll see rows of cubicles with people sitting at their desks. Office workers are productive just with their computers and phones. All their activity, whether it’s working with apps, talking with customers, or creating computer documents can be done with electronic devices while sitting down. While there might be an occasional meeting, professionals like these are very sedentary. Typically they spend almost the entire day in their chairs.

Students and those who don’t work have similar lifestyles. People are usually in bed or lying on a couch when they’re watching TV or on the phone. While they might get up to go cooking or go for a quick walk, it’s for a short period. Standing up more than a few hours occurs very rarely.

Kitchen jobs are entirely different. Workers (including chefs) are on their feet the whole shift. Kitchens are occasionally short staffed, so some workers need to put in a lot of overtime. Some workers put in 16 hour days. This stresses out the muscles and joints in the body. It can lead to long term pain if a chef doesn’t have the right pair of shoes.

This demanding environment necessitates a shoe that is comfortable. Crocs are great for this because they are known for their comfort. They’re made of Croslite, an advanced polymer.

They’re also lightweight too. A chef won’t be lugging around heavy boots when they’re wearing a pair.

Crocs have added arch support which is a nice plus. Shoes without arch support can hurt after a long shift.

Water Resistant

Water is a common ingredient in food. Silverwear and plates are constantly being cleaned. Surfaces are being washed. So water is constantly splashing around in a kitchen. Wearing a shoe that can be damaged by it (such as leather) would be a mistake because a spill could happen. Accidentally stepping in a puddle is a common occurrence in a restaurant shift.

Crocs are water resistant. They won’t absorb the liquid at all, so you won’t have to worry at all. This is a huge relief for many chefs. While it’s not the end-all-be-all, it’s one less thing to worry about. Crocs even make good water shoes.

Non-slip Properties

Kitchens use a lot of oil. It’s used both to cook and as an ingredient in food. If some of it spills on the ground, someone could easily slip on it. This is a serious health hazard because many kitchens have sharb objects (knives in particular) and heavy machinery (hot ovens). Many restaurants even require non-slip shoes as a matter of policy. If you go to work without a pair, you’ll be sent home.

Studies by the CDC have found that non-slip shoes help prevent injuries in food service environments. Many types of Crocs have non-slip properties. While they’re not industrial-grade (some can get quite expensive), they’re certainly better than the average shoe that’s available. They’re often enough for most kitchens.

No Laces

Kitchens have particles of sugar and flour constantly being spilled. If you get them on your shoe, they could get trapped in the laces.

Crocs have no laces, so that isn’t a concern. Additionally, there’s no risk of tripping on them when they’re not tied properly. You also won’t have to keep spending time tying them again when they become unwound.

Order Direct From Employer

Some employers require non-slip footwear and offer a catalog which their employees can order from. The shoes will be delivered directly to the restaurant. No upfront money is required, the charge is simply deducted from your payroll check. Some employers even offer a discount. Crocs are listed in many catalogs, which is why they’re often chosen.


Most shoes are a mix of black, grey and white. Crocs are available in many bright colors. For some chefs, wearing a pair of Crocs allows them a sense of individuality and style. This is especially true in kitchen environments where everyone must wear the same uniform.

Chefs have a demanding work environment. They must go in and out of hot kitchens and into cold freezers. Water and oil spills are an everyday occurrence. They need a shoe that will be able to help them succeed. This is why Crocs are the number one choice of so many Chefs.