Why do my Crocs Squeak? 3 Easy Tips

So you’ve heard a great deal about how great Crocs are. You just purchased yourself a pair. They look fabulous on your feet and you love how comfortable they are. There’s just been one unfortunate surprise: they make noises when you walk. Why do your Crocs squeak?

There can be numerous causes. Fortunately, many have easy fixes so you don’t have to worry.

Be Considerate of Others

Some people might not care about squeaky shoes. If you’re wearing them just around your house, that might be okay. If it’s just you and your cat, you have nothing to worry about. No one will care.

The issue is is when you’re going out in public. If you’re walking around a mall or even going to work in your noisy Crocs, you’ll bother a lot of people. If you’re at work, (like a doctor), you shouldn’t wear squeaky shoes. The squeaking is worse on surfaces like tile. If it’s a loud and crowded area, it might not be an issue. But if you’re walking around a quiet book store, things are different. In public, we have a responsibility to be polite and considerate to one another. So please keep that in mind.

Crocs Don’t Fit Well

One of the most common causes is that your pair of Crocs simply don’t fit your feet very well. Most Crocs have holes in them and air can get in and trapped in the shoe. This will make squeaks when you feet hit the floor. This is less of an issue with Crocs that fit well.

There are some easy ways to tell if your shoes are too big. For one, the finger test can be great. If you can fit in more than one finger between your feet and the shoe, the footwear is too large.

Additionally, if you’re buying in-person you can get personnel to properly size your feet. Many footwear stores will have a sizing device which can quickly determine how large of a shoe you should wear.

If you want to purchase online (which usually offers the best selection and price), you’ll need to measure your feet with a ruler. Be sure to keep the shipping boxes intact so you can easily send back the Crocs and get ones with the right size.

Crocs Get Wet

If your feet are wet, your Crocs might squeak. So keep your feet dry. If you’re wearing your Crocs to the beach, dry your feet off first with a towel before putting them on. Beaches and pools tend to be crowded so that’s really not an issue. It could be annoying if you go to an indoor area like a restaurant.

Some people sweat a great deal. This is especially during hot summer months. You can wear socks or use baby powder to get rid of the moisture. Baby powder is available at most pharmacies and many online stores.

Need to Break In

In many cases, squeaking only affects new Crocs. They just need to be broken in. This can happen in as little as a few days. Just wear them around the house for a few hours each day until they don’t squeak anymore.

If problem is persistent

If the problems don’t go away and you still really want to wear your Crocs, sandpaper is an option. You can rub it on the bottom of the footwear to make it a little bit rough. By making it less smooth it’ll make less noise. Sandpaper is not a common household item but is available online and in many hardware stores. Use fine sandpaper so the bottom of the Crocs don’t get scratched too much.

Crocs are great shoes. There’s a lot to love about them – the style, the anti-slip and the durability amongst other things. However, sometimes they squeak. This can be quite a nuisance in public. Fortunately, there are some easy fixes.